February 23, 2018

Nigeria partners Brazil on infrastructure development


AS part of the government’s effort to encourage public private partnership (PPP) in the developmental process of the country and creating jobs for its teaming population, the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment has received a Brazilian infrastructure conglomerates on a fact finding mission on behalf of the Federal Government.

Receiving the representatives of one of the companies in Abuja recently, the Ambassador of Nigeria to Brazil. Vincent Okoedion explained that the visit of the company was borne out of the visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to Brazil in July this year during the United Nations Earth summit where he addressed the Brazilian business community and extended invitation to companies that might be willing to come to Nigeria for business in Nigeria assuring them of their safety while in Nigeria for the purpose of investment and that Nigeria was blessed with a huge market that was good for their investment.

“So, these companies are coming as a direct response to the invitation from the president.  It is also worthy of note that the Brazilian President Dilma Vana Rousseff would be on a state visit to Nigeria later this year and these companies are coming ahead of that visit so that they would be in a position to find out information about the environment for investment in Nigeria,” he said.

He disclosed that five other Brazilian companies would arrive in the country on the same mission within the next two weeks.

The ambassador added that the companies were considering projects in the area of transport, railway, highway waterway, airports seaports, Housing and other areas that might require infrastructural development.  He said that the fact that companies were not ordinary ones but major conglomerates gave them the edge to spread and be able to cover wide areas of projects.

Marcos Alexandre Silva the International Relations Adviser of the company, Queiroz Galvao, said that the main reason why the company

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chose to extend its operation to Nigeria like it had done in other African countries and Latin America was to invest in the country’s infrastructure.  He added that the operation of the company in Africa had spanned over seven years and the company had a very strong base in Angola, which is not as big as Nigeria in terms of population.


IMAGE: www.goglobalafrica.com

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