February 23, 2018

Brazilian investors troop to Nigeria


The federal government has expressed its readiness to partner with Brazilian companies for the provision of basic infrastructure in the country.

Minister of Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga, stated this on Monday when Brazilian investors visited; adding that about 50 Brazilian companies have expressed their determination to invest in Nigeria.

According to him, the Brazilian company, Construtora Queiroz Galvao, has expressed its determination to invest in Ghana, Gabon, Mali and Nigeria among other countries in Africa.

He said that the visit of the Brazilian company to Nigeria was for the company to have a feasibility study in Nigeria on their area of interest.

“When you are dealing with investors, you have to nurture that relationship,” he said. “It’s about money, because if you have money you will invest once you see the investment opportunities and also want to know the people you are dealing with. It should also be noted that Nigeria is not looking for aid but rather partners as this is an economic decision.”


IMAGE: www.crossed-flag-pins.com

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