February 23, 2018

Investing in ball pen manufacturing


The importance of writing materials in any economy cannot be over emphasized.  With over 30 percent literacy level in Nigeria, the demand for writing materials is in the neighbourhood of 500 million pieces on annual basis.  In this regard, the demand for ball pens is guaranteed.

The need to create more jobs and income opportunities for Nigerians should also be paramount in the minds of all patriotic citizens.  Establishment of this project is, therefore, a call to duty to Nigerians who have the means in order to reduce social vices currently plaguing the country.

Ball pens production is also a very viable business in the sense that the technology is simple, there is guaranteed market, the raw materials can be sourced at ease, not only this, and it is a profitable business.  The return on investment is over 150 percent, annual Profit after Tax is over N25 million and payback period is about one year.


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