February 23, 2018

South African firm to invest in Nigerian tourism industry

Lagos Island and part of Lagos Harbour, taken ...Mr Zubair Kadiri, the Managing Director of Wice Corporate Events, South Africa, said the firm was ready to invest in Nigerian tourism industry by building relaxation and event centres in some Nigerian cities.

Kadiri said in Lagos, that the centres to be built in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, were intended to boost the economy of Nigeria and to create job opportunities.

“The centres would help to improve the tourism sector in the country and also help to employ at least 70 per cent of those presently unemployed.

“Creating an enabling environment would also attract more foreign investors to come in and invest in the tourism sector,’’ Kadiri said.

The managing director said that tourism was a good source of wealth, adding that many countries’ economy depended on it.

“I discovered a lot of sight attraction centres in South Africa and around the world, which I believe, replicating such projects in Nigeria, would help in developing the economy and fetch the nation a huge foreign exchange.

“Tourism is a source of wealth and it is an industry on its own. Most countries have their economies based on tourism and they have thrived,” Kadiri said.


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