February 23, 2018

How to invest in pineapple plantation


The primary goal of any right thinking government is economic development through inward looking, self sufficiency, self reliance, rural development, and increase in foreign reserves through non-oil exports to mention but just few.

In order to achieve these beautiful goals, we need to divert our efforts toward some areas that have long been neglected. It is, therefore, a matter of urgency to raise the awareness of people in this direction. This is the need for this write-up.


The capital required for the establishment of pineapple plantation is very low when compared with some other investment openings. Land requirement is also minimal. Pursuance of pineappl e project as a means of livelihood is a needed requirement our economic development.

Such a project will create employment opportunities, help in rural development, and launch the country on the path of self sufficiency, increase food production and help in improving our health care delivery services. This is because people can now take the right quality of food (pineapple contains a lot of vitamins and minerals required for the proper functioning of human body systems).

The demand for pineapple is very vast and wide.  With the establishment of fruit juice processing factories all over the country in recent years, owners of pineapple plantations have been enjoying very good patronage.


Pineapple (Photo credit: Wolfharu)

It must be noted that there exists a lot of export potential for pineapple. Reports have confirmed that customers in industrialised countries are demanding high quality exotic out of season pineapple all the year round. Wealthy shoppers in overseas countries are prepared to pay top prices for tropical pineapples.

It has been reported that Kenya sells 36,500 tons of fresh fruits (pineapple inclusive) overseas worth $92 million. This is a great advantage Nigerian investors should grab. We have imported apples in our markets in Nigeria; there is no reason why our pineapple should not be in foreign market.


IMAGE:  www.binbrain.info

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