February 23, 2018

Why you need a good business plan

Why you need a good business plan.. NAIJA INVEST

If you have a ‘kick’ to go into business and you choose to wholly commit the visioning of the business into a consultant’s hand, the visioning may fail to generate in you the needed creative tension and passion to drive the business to success. A prepared business plan on one hand, your involvement in the writing of the plan will also raise some level of healthy emotions in you to withstand the initial turbulent period a new business passes through.

This is one challenge confronting implementation of projects that Nigerian governments have been trying to carry out: someone sees the vision for a project, convinces a government to take it up, the document or template is prepared, announcement is made to Nigerians about something good that is coming their way, and then the implementation of what appears a laudable project is committed to the hands of different set of people who are less passionate about it, a set of people who have never made any emotional investment, who hardly give a hoot about what becomes of the project.

The end-result is what we have been witnessing – a huge gap between a vision seen and what is implemented. Where a team will be set up to implement a template prepared for a project, such a team should be involved during the preparation stage to prepare them emotionally.Business Planning Class

Your business shouldn’t follow a part of premature delivery and untimely death. Therefore your countenance should be sharpened with adequate preparation. It is okay if someone has to assist you to write your business plan, but please be involved in the preparation, especially in gathering data to be used for the business plan writing.


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