February 23, 2018

Mandilas begins N300m headquarters renovation

Mandilas begins N300m headquarters renovation...NAIJA INVEST

SPURRED to increase the value of its prime property, the Mandilas Group has commenced a massive renovation of its 16-storey headquarter complex, known as Mandilas House, located at Broad Street in the Lagos Central Business District.

Already,  Messrs. Tabak Construction Nigeria Limited, a building and civil engineering firm, has been selected to deliver the renovation project.

Built in the 1940s, the foundation of the Mandilas Group was the provision for a wide range of first-class internationally renowned products and services, used in all spheres of life.

The Group owns about 31 properties including the Mandilas Building, a modern eight-storey office building on Simpson Street, Lagos, which currently serves as its operations headquarters. These properties are used either for Group benefit or leased out.

Owned by Nigerians, the Mandilas Group helps customers increase Nigerian content with the head office monitoring, co-ordinating and supervising at strategic level the activities of the operating divisions and companies within the group.

The renovation and remodeling of the 16-floor edifice, which, the owners say, is as old as Broad Street itself, is estimated to cost N300 million “to make it competitive with other new buildings in the neighbourhood”.

During a facility tour and a press briefing on the on-going renovation project, Tabak Construction’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Babatunde Akinyeye, described the Broad Street building as Mandilas’ flagship.

Mandilas begins N300m headquarters renovation...NAIJA INTEL

Mandilas begins N300m headquarters renovation…NAIJA INTEL

Tabak’s Project Manager, Tajudeen Adedayo, said that his company was in Mandilas to change the face of the building in order to enhance its marketability.    He added that the renovation project starts from the eighth to the 16th floor, involving both the interior and exterior of the building.


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