February 23, 2018

Make millions from photography

Make millions from photography... NAIJA INVEST

PHOTOGRAPHY is an excellent career choice for anyone who wants to get paid for using his creative talents. It is where reality meets memories, a competitive field where you can start small while you perfect your craft and build a portfolio of your best work.

Who can do the business?
Any creative and self-disciplined person can successfully explore the industry and make cool money, literally catching his fun.

Start-up cost:
You can actually start photography without a dime, or with little, even with millions of naira, as you can borrow or rent camera, then print at commercial digital laboratory.

You can start the business with N150,000. You can get a good camera between N50,000 and N70,000; 18-55mm lens for about N20,000 and a used laptop with a high RAM for N70,000. With this, you can take photographs of your clients, edit them on your laptop and print at a commercial digital laboratory.

If you plan to start big (with a fully-equipped studio) then you need a million naira and above, to get an office space and buy the necessary equipment, which include: cameras and tripods; lenses; studio props; studio lights and light stands; light modifiers; reflectors and diffusers; backgrounds and background supports systems; laptops; printer and a generating set, just to mention a few.

Your success as a photographer is determined by the extent of knowledge you have on the subject and equipment you will be working with. There is so much to learn, some of which is light, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and photo editing, among others.
I suggest you learn from a professional photographer. However, the internet is a good resource tool as you can read articles, download free ebooks and do free online courses on photography.

Make millions from photography... NAIJA INVEST

Make millions from photography… NAIJA INVEST

Planning and research
Speak to professionals in the field: Speaking to the right professionals will enable you know the likely pitfalls and upsides right from the start.

Explore different types of photography: Professional photographers tend to fare best when they’re not spreading their talent too widely. Look into different possible areas of photography, such as photojournalism, documentary photography, commercial photography, fine art photography, portrait taking, among others.


IMAGE: www.flickr.com

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